• Pleasant Stay

    Traditional and cuisine, healthy climate and above-average number of sunny days...

  • Clear Blue Sea

    Unspoiled natural beaches, cultivated beaches, rich underwater life...

  • Beautiful Nature

    Lush vegetation, footpaths, cycling paths and cultural heritage...



Located on the north-western side of the island of Krk, Malinska is one of Kvarner's most beautiful destinations. The convenient geographical position, mild, healthy climate throughout the year and good connections influenced the development of tourism at the beginning of 20th century. This development continued until this day resulting in around 100 years touristic tradition with many satisfied guests who return to Malinska every year. Above-average number of sunny days offers hours and hours of bathing and sunbathing on local cultivated or natural beaches. For those looking for a quieter atmosphere Malinska is an ideal location in the mild spring and autumn.


For those who prefer a more active vacation, Malinska and the surrounding area have more than 50 kilometers of footpaths and cycling trails through lush natural scenery or picturesque villages with rich cultural heritage and folklore. There is also an opportunity for diverse water sports activities. In evenings, our guests can try some of the traditional sea food meals in a large number of restaurants and afterwards spend some time in cafés and bars in the town center, or visit a local night club. Malinska offers every guest an ideal destination for a perfect holiday!


Milan Radic

Obala 41

HR-51511 Malinska




00385 51 858 310

00385 91 518 5247